DAY 1 Ministerial Opening Ceremony + The Emerging Climate Crisis: Challenges in Regional Contexts

DAY 1 The Future of Sustaining Peace Amidst the Climate-Crisis I: The Strategic Approaches

DAY 1 The Future of Cooperation: Advancing Communication Practices and Creating New Partnerships

DAY 2 Panel A: Africa Climate Mobility Initiative and Weathering Risk Initiative

DAY 2 Panel B: Strata: Custom Climate Security Analytics and Water, Peace and Security Partnership

DAY 2 Using the Potential of Data Science and Innovation for Sustaining Peace II: Lessons Learned and Ways Ahead

DAY 2 Panel A: Impact Regions & Climate Change Phenomena

DAY 2 Panel B: The People Factor: Vulnerable Groups

DAY 2 Panel A: Resource Scarcity, Energy Security and Water Cooperation

DAY 2 Panel B: The Implications of Climate Mobility

DAY 2 Scientific Perspectives II: Determining the Dynamics between Climate Change and Violent Conflict

DAY 2 The Role of Data Science II: Data Availability as a Cross-Cutting Challenge

DAY 2 Preventing and Adapting: How Data Science Can Help Peacekeepers